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"I've had a passion for painting, drawing and the creative process for as long as I can remember."

Luminous Style

Judy’s watercolors are fresh and vibrant. Her work is spontaneous as she captures the essence of her subject matter with an impressionistic style.  She uses thin glazes of watercolor to reveal the glow of the medium.  (See Judy's techniques)   Judy has combined her love of flowers with her love of painting. Her many admirers call her florals and garden settings "Happy Paintings.  One of Judy’s favorite subjects to paint is geraniums .Geraniums have always appealed because her favorite color is red – the house is decorated with lots of other red accents – and they are always available to paint. The faithful geranium bloomed out-of-doors all summer and then came inside en masse in the winter. The sunroom is full of them.  She considers geraniums her "signature" and appears in many paintings.

Judy says, "Through the years I've experienced gradual breakthroughs as I've seen the connection between life and art.  My passion for gardening has become my joie de'vivre these past years.  Life and art seem inseparable.  I've begun to paint my own world, things that I know, love and am familiar with. My informal flower gardens are a riot of color and texture that inspire much of my work.  As my garden has matured and as the seasons change, I delight in spending time reflecting and observing.  Setting up a still life with the garden flowers and favorite familiar objects is something I often do.  Many objects appear in painting after painting.  During the winter, I paint from the many garden and flower photos I have taken for inspiration.  Usually there is a fresh market bouquet nearby also.

"My painting style has evolved and become  more personalized and authentic. Taking classes, workshops and observing the work of other artists over the years has been inspiring and beneficial.  What a magical medium transparent watercolor is!  I continue to be amazed at the possibilities and enjoyment derived from the medium.

"Thank you for viewing my gallery.  Enjoy the 'happy paintings'!" 

Paintings Available

Judy and her husband, artist Phil Frisk, produce and market her paintings as well as a line of limited edition prints and greeting cards. They have presented the prints in a variety of sizes and in some innovative approaches. She personalizes the prints with original remarques in the mats creating one-of-a-kind prints.


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